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Why I Coach

I love sharing my passion for running with others in this unique community to which we all belong. I discovered my love for this sport in 2005, after I graduated college and needed to find a way to keep my body moving. I have since run 20+ marathons, achieved some big goals, and rebounded after falling short of others.

As a lifelong athlete and lover of sports, I have a deep interest in how the body responds to various levers to push it forward. But not all running is created equal. Having a coach who understands the body's physiological response to various types of activities is essential to getting the results you are looking for.

My passion for training and pushing boundaries is what led me to coaching, helping others feel that same sense of accomplishment and pride within their own mind and bodies. I would love to help you push into territory you had once thought out-of-reach. 

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Jenny Testimonial

As a novice runner, I didn't know what it really meant to have a running coach. My experience with running was lacing up and running until I hit a certain distance. When I started working with Ali, I immediately saw the impact of varying my workouts. Not only for my stamina, but also for SPEED! 

From day 1, Ali meticulously planned awesome workouts that pushed me but also made sure I stayed injury-free. She is always super responsive to my questions (and I ask a lot of them!) and is so motivating I can't imagine doing my inaugural marathon journey without her.

Jenny Lee

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I can't wait to hear what your goals are, and how I can help get you there. What are you waiting for?

RRCA Certified and Insured Coach

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